So sad.

British Air is having a mondo sweet sale today, with fares to London as low as $89 each way from the East Coast, and a roundtrip fare from the West Coast lower than $500, even after the insane taxes. Unfortunately all my spare cash is being reserved for a new (used) car that everyone keeps hounding me to get. (Seems my current vehicle makes more than a few people a bit nervous.)

In other news, my first belt test for Krav Maga is this Saturday. I’m trying not to think about it, ’cause I’m actually scared to death, and yet I have to think about it, ’cause I need to work on my weak points such as choke releases and, oddly enough, jumping jacks. My ankles really hate the jumping jacks. Mostly I just want it to be over already.

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  1. Hey, not sure if you remember me (or want me to comment here), but I just wanted to say that I’ve just spent the last hour flicking through your pictures – especially the PBP2000 ones. I wanted to say thank you, as they brought back a lot of good memories of simpler times and friends now lost to me.
    Thank you,
    Iraq 2004

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