“Those are pretty strong words coming from a guy who’s been mistaken for a plush toy.”

~Taken from Saturday’s Get Fuzzy from my One a Day Calendar. 😀

Anyway, so this weekend I bought myself an antenna (didja know TVs don’t just come with them anymore? you have to buy them separate), took my tv out for a test run, and found that yes, I can live with the slightly snowy CBS – never really cared for them anyway, except for the occasional CSI. Called Adelphia this morning, and as of July 5th, I will be without cable for the first time since college. Go me! I doubt I’ll ever be TV-less, since that would mean being DVD-less as well, but I’m feeling good about this decision. Now they just need to release Charmed on DVD. (Yeah, I know it’s a terrible show, but I’m still hooked. Not all crack is the good crack.)

In other news, if you haven’t yet seen Sports Night, go now and rent it/Netflix it/buy it outright, ’cause it’s da bomb. Great characters, great plots, great dialogue, what more could you ever hope for in a 22 minute sitcom?

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