crochet wipAs of today’s lunch hour, this is how far I’ve gotten with the crochet blanket, started Saturday, February 24th.  Sadly, the white isn’t pure white, but a baby yarn that includes blends of pink and blue separated by stretches of white; otherwise it would be a pretty close approximation of the colors of the Irish flag.  I’m thinking of switching to a double-crochet stitch once I finish this last stripe of white–I believe I’ve mastered the single crochet, so it’s time to move on to something new.

I’m enjoying crochet so far, but I don’t like how eyes-on it is–with knitting, I can afford to look up much more frequently than I can with the crocheting.  Makes it much harder to watch tv while crocheting, which was always one of the plusses to knitting.

Purse, waiting to be feltedAnd speaking of knitting, this is a picture of a purse that’s waiting to be felted.  I started out following a pattern I found online, but I quickly realized I wasn’t going to have enough yarn, so I veered away to something slightly different.  No clue how the final product will turn out, but mostly I’m hoping the slightly ruffled edge will look ok.

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