100 Things About Me: 25-36

I’m way behind on my Things About Me list, so here are the entries for the past four days:

25. I studied German for three years in high school.

26. I studied Spanish for two semesters in college.

27. English is my only fluent language, despite my best efforts. *sigh*

28. I love Christmas. I love it so much that I don’t even mind that the season starts before Halloween, although I’ll bluster along with everyone else. It’s a struggle to not listen to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving.

29. Ever since 9/11, I can’t watch “disaster” movies–any movies where mass groups of people are killed–without having a panic attack. Even old favorites like Independence Day can trigger it.

30. I’m so afraid of confrontation that I still go to the same dentist who tortured me during a three hour wisdom teeth extraction, rather than ask for my records to go elsewhere.

31. Sob stories usually make me sob. Mistreated puppies, homeless children, victims of misjustice or government bureaucracy, even unfair treatment by someone’s boss–doesn’t take much.

32. I’m a packrat.

33. I still have the report I wrote in sixth grade about the Greek gods and goddesses.

34. I’m a slob. Actually, that should be SLOB. I hate housework and do it as little as I can possibly get away with it, which I manage by rarely inviting anyone to my home.

35. I’m not terribly good at relationships.

36. I love to wrap presents.

Breakfast today: Protein bar and tea
Weather today: Looks sunny. I hear it’s gonna be 70s.

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