Yarn Crawl 2015

The SoCal Yarn Crawl was a couple of weeks ago, and while I had a grand time in just one day (March 27), I spent a FORTUNE and am totally not allowed to buy yarn again for awhile. And seriously, I only visited four stores! My first stop was Compatto, which is very near me […]

Dollhouses and miniatures

Once upon a time I was big into dollhouses and miniatures. I was fresh out of college, unemployed, bored, a little depressed, and on a whim I purchased a kit to build a dollhouse. Building it, painting and decorating it, furnishing it–it all became an obsession (as many of my hobbies do), and not a […]

Happy New Year! Let the new knitting projects commence!

Per usual, I spent the Christmas holidays in New England, and the combination of awesome baby nephew and getting for Christmas meant getting back on the knitting wagon. Of course, that also meant a trip to Michael’s for yarn, circs and double-pointed needles–always fun! I finished this hat in two days: Which looks even more […]

Loving the new apartment

Everything is unpacked, and has been since Memorial Day. Got rid of stuff thanks to Craigslist and my friends who didn’t mind taking in some of my old books and childhood Barbies. My new couch arrived, and the kitties and I have been breaking it in. Kristen helped me assemble the beautiful Ikea standing closets […]