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So, yesterday was 9/11. A somber day, even 12 years later. But it was also the thirteenth anniversary of the day I started at my current workplace. Today I am officially at my place of employment longer than I was in public school back in Massachusetts. Go team me!

Yesterday was also the day I finally called my orthodontist back and made an appointment to get my braces installed. Onto my teeth. At age 44. To say I’m not looking forward to this would be a monumental understatement, but, it needs to be done before my jaw disappears. Yay.

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Happy anniversary, Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Today is the 14th anniversary of the premier episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the show that changed my life. To commemorate the occasion, I’m watching “Welcome to the Hellmouth” and “The Harvest”–not always an easy task. David’s acting is atrocious, Angel is a wussy vamp who lets Buffy get the drop on him the first time they meet, Darla is whiny, childish, and subservient not just to the Master, but to Luke as well. These are not the vamps we come to know and love, that’s for sure. The rest of the group are remarkably consistent to the characters we grew to love, though, so kudos to them for grasping their alter egos so quickly and easily. The music and special effects, OTOH…. Well, they certainly improved by leaps and bounds by season two!

Anyways, in memory of the first time TV Buffy was unleashed on the world, here’s a promo from that very first episode:

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Missed it by *that* much

Polgara and Gracie, on the occasion
of celebrating Miss Gracie’s 2nd birthday

I just realized I missed my blog’s two year anniversary last month. Oops? That’s what I get for neglecting it so.

Also celebrating her two year anniversary is Miss Gracie (as well as her brother Noah). Unlike my stale and boring blog, Grace grows more adorable and engaging every day. Unfortunately I’ve been neglecting her too, which is even more shameful than ignoring this blog. This is my note to myself to go visit her next weekend.

In related news (related to the blog, that is), I’ve been working on updating this weekend. It’s been languishing in the very outdated Greymatter that it first started in, so yesterday I just up and ported it over to WordPress. (Yes, it was that easy!) Now comes the hard part–the design. Man, I suck at design. I’ve gone through bazillions of free theme templates and downloaded a bunch that I like, but I don’t want a cookie-cutter design for Jane’s site, which means actually doing some work on my part. Yay? I found one template I thought I loved, but really I just love the colors (not the layout or the font), so now I’m looking for the right layout that I can then edit with the pretty colors. Someday I will learn the ins and outs of CSS enough to build one from scratch, but that day is not today.

But because of this quest for improving Jane’s site, I now look at this site and think, Booooor-ing, and yawn in its face, so it’s very likely that this site will be getting a facelift soon. I have to finish first, though, as it’s been stagnant for far longer than this site has.



Well shoot, I missed my own anniversary! My first post to this blog was made on March 1, 2007, although the first real content wasn’t posted until the 2nd. Belated happy anniversary to myself! Yay for one year!

ETA: Ha! Apparently this gratuitous, self-congratulatory post is also my 100th post! Yay for 100 posts! ;-D