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Wigglebutt, wigglebutt!

This post has little to nothing to do with wigglebutts, but that’s what we like to call my nephew sometimes, so it seemed like a nice random post title for today.

This “posting every day” thing really isn’t working out too well, is it? Well, the year is still young, hopefully my posting ethic will mature right along with it.

Today’s WW meeting was good, in that I lost about a pound and a half–that’s over five pounds lost now, woo! Five pounds in a month is a tad slower than I’d like, but every loss is a good loss, so whatevs. I really need to get me some mason jars, though, as I think this idea is awesome and would help to motivate me, especially now that I can immediately put five buttons/chips/marbles/etc. into the “Pounds Lost” jar. (I, too, originally saw this idea on Pinterest, but I’m too lazy to find the original source.)

My plan for the rest of today is to work on updating a client’s website, replacing most of the Flash objects with javascript/html5 scripts–yet more evidence that Flash is indeed on its way out. That makes me sad, ’cause I’m pretty good at hand-coding in Actionscript 3, and not so good at all at coding in javascript. Time to update that skill set, I guess.

And once that’s done (the client site, not the skill set upgrade), I have two eps of Lost Girl left, which is DEVASTATING to me, ’cause I can’t find the current season eps anywhere online–not Hulu, not Amazon, not even Syfy’s website. NO FAIRS! Not everyone has cable, Syfy! WTF?!

So, that’s my day. I’d hoped to work on my bear, but once again I forgot to print out any copies of the original, and my freehand bears really really suck, so, no bear for me.

Happy Saturday to y’all!


Bear Crossing 16

Ok, so I’m not exactly nailing the whole “post every single day” goal, but I’m trying, and it’s been a good month of plenty of posts. Yesterday was a late day at work, so I just couldn’t face any more internet for the day.

And just to get this out of the way, despite my “don’t wanna” state of mind, I got myself out of bed and off to Weight Watchers. I lost .4 lb this week–not as awesome as last week’s 3.4, but a loss is a loss. This week I’ll try to eat more veggies and less bbq sauce with my chicken.

For the rest of the day, I plan to work on a painting. January is almost over, and ideally I’d like to do at least one painting per month, so I keep progressing instead of letting all my expensive supplies go to waste. However, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s been hard to sit down and put something on canvas, partly because I couldn’t decide on a subject, and partly because I’m afraid of not living up to my last two awesome paintings.

To get over that, I’ve decided that today’s painting will likely be my worst painting ever, and so be it, ’cause this is a hobby, not a job. Who cares if it sucks?

For today’s suckitude, I have selected this photo from a vacation I took in 2008, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Yes, this is a young bear crossing rt. 16 in North Conway, NH. Apparently he was headed towards the hospital.
Yes, this is a young bear crossing rt. 16 in North Conway, NH. Apparently he was headed towards the hospital.

I have done a preliminary sketch, and now I just have to slap some paint onto it.

Sketch of Bear Crossing 16
Sketch of Bear Crossing 16

Ok. Here I go. Time to paint.


So, we meet again, my archnemesis.

I don’t like to cook. It takes up too much time I’d rather spend doing pretty much anything else. Generally my grocery cart consists of deli meat, frozen dinners and vegetables, and a couple of rotisserie chickens that will feed me for a week. Sometimes salad fixings, too, but I go through stretches when I just can’t imagine having to assemble yet another salad.

Being back on WW means having to set aside at least a little time to actually cook. Today that meant eggs for lunch.

I hate cooking eggs. I want to like it, ’cause it’s just about the easiest, quickest meal to cook, but I really really suck at it. They just never taste good. Sometimes they’ll taste bland, which is usually the best I can hope for, but more often they have this weird overcooked taste that I could do without. I’ve tried adding milk, water, herbs, salt, pepper, ham. I’ve tried scrambled, over hard, and omelet style. I’ve tried high heat, low heat, and in-between heats. I’ve tried oil, butter, Pam cooking spray, and bareback. They always suck.

But, not today!

Today I rocked the eggs like they were the yummiest food on the planet! I suspect it was all the oil I added to try to keep everything from sticking to the pan (didn’t really work), and that’s not necessarily a good thing, WW-wise, but holy moly these were AWESOME eggs. I loved these eggs. (Oddly they tasted vaguely like fried rice eggs, even though I didn’t use sesame oil.) They were the Best!Eggs!Evah!

So, in the hopes I can repeat this amazing culinary feat, here’s what happened:

Heat on one-click hotter than medium.
Added oil.
Waited for water drops to sizzle on oil.
Added fresh baby spinach.
Stirred it around.
Turned up the heat a bit.
Added chopped Canadian bacon (two slices). (Maybe this was the difference?)
Added more oil ’cause the bacon stuck.
Added more oil.
Added two (non-beaten) eggs.
Rolled it around a bit.
Turned the heat down a bit.
Waited a bit.
Scraped things around because of course the eggs stuck anyway.
Kept scraping things around until the eggs looked cooked all the way.


Next time I should add more spinach, though.


Weight Watchers

I re-enlisted today. I’m at my heaviest since I first lost the 92 pounds in ’98-’99, and I’m disgusted with myself. Ever since WW Leader Linda moved to Palm Springs, I haven’t felt particularly motivated by any of the other leaders I’ve tried, so this time I went to a whole new (to me) location in Santa Monica–new location, new leader, and new promotional materials for their latest program update.

My brain really wants to succeed this time, but I’m not yet convinced my heart is in it. Fingers, toes and all other protruding extremities are crossed!