Animal Crossing New Horizons Hobbies

Animal Crossing Wreath List

I got crazy into Animal Crossing New Horizons during the early days of COVID. I probably should’ve written about my ACNH journey during that time, this would’ve been the perfect space for it, but alas, spilt milk and all.

This post is specifically for my flower wreath list: what they are, the materials to make them, and most importantly, how much the Nook twins are willing to pay for them. Now it’s easier to find for me, and for other ACNH fans. 🙂

NameDIY MaterialsSell Price
gold rose10 gold20000
blue rose10 blue20000
purple hyacinth10 purple4800
natural mum10 green4800
chic windflower10 purple4800
chic cosmos10 black4800
dark rose6 purple/3 black4320
bunny day1 each:
water egg
earth egg
stone egg
sky egg
wood egg
leaf egg
pretty tulip3 orange/3 pink/3 purple2400
snowflake4 snowflakes1600
dark tulip10 black1600
dark lily10 black1600
mushroom10 branches
1 skinny mush
1 round mush
1 flat mush
cool hyacinth3 orange/3 blue/3 pink1440
pretty cosmos3 orange/3 pink/3 red1200
fancy rose3 orange/3 pink/3 yellow1200
fancy mum3 red/3 pink/3 purple1200
fancy lily3 orange/3 pink/3 yellow1200
cool windflower3 white/3 pink/3 blue1200
lily 3 red/3 white/3 yellow 720
windflower3 white/3 red/3 orange720
pansy3 red/3 white/3 yellow720
rose3 white/3 red/3 yellow720
mum3 white/3 red/3 yellow720
tulip3 red/3 white/3 yellow720
glowing moss wreath5 glowing moss250
tree branch10 branches100

1/28/2022: Edited to add glowing moss wreath.
1/31/2022: ETA lily wreath.

Gratuitous Picture Post Knitting and Crochet

Testing out “read more” vs. the excerpt.

Hmm, this is just a test post, but I feel I should add some kind of decent content. Oh, I know!


Checking out the new post editor

Holy @$^#$ what the @$%^%$#!!!

Yup, that was my first thought when I went into a post on the *work* blog this morning and couldn’t find the damned content. After some panicked googling, I installed the “Classic Editor” plugin and set everything back to right over there, but then I immediately came over here to see what it was all about. Honestly, if I accidentally destroy something over here, no one is really going to notice, right?

After checking out one of the older posts here, and seeing the content exactly where it should be, I’m figuring that the theme we’re using over at the work blog is probably not compatible with this shiny new editor block thingie, so it’s doubtful we’ll be turning that back on again anytime soon, but just in case, I’ll just keep poking around right here so I know what’s going on.

So far this is looking kinda cool!

Looks like embedding stuff just got a whole lot easier! Embedding that song from Spotify was crazy easy. Let’s check out some image stuff now.

Ok, that looks pretty awesome. And check out Hobbes, he’s so dang adorable! And sooo soft. And sweet. And all kinds of other s-words.

I think that’s good for my first test of this new blocks thing. I hope you enjoyed this rambling nothing of a post. 🙂


Another circle around the sun!

So, never went back to Blue Apron. I stopped using my Bullet Journal around March or April and started using Evernote in a similar way, but then that only lasted until late July, then I got bored with that too.

Bought (leased) my very first brand new car–a shiny blue Honda HRV. Started studying Spanish, then lagged. Bought a guitar! Took one lesson at Guitar Center and practiced a bit with YouTube videos; I’m planning to sign up for more Guitar Center lessons after Labor Day. I also started a savings account dedicated to funding a trip to Africa in a few years. (I’m not getting any younger, and it’s time to do the things I’ve spent my life wanting to do, like speak more than one language, play an instrument, and most importantly, go on a photo safari in Africa!)

Soon I shall be in MA for my annual vacation for the triple birthday threat, with an extra birthday this year–my cousin is turning 50. (Next year it will be my turn.)

I think that’s it for all the changes of the past year. Hopefully my next update won’t be nine months away. 🙂

Brothers, sister, and cousin


Goodbye, Blue Apron. It was great while it lasted.

So, the shine has faded on my Blue Apron love. Or, not Blue Apron specifically, but the cooking part. For the first few months I was always careful to cook every meal before anything could spoil, but eventually, as always happens, I fell behind, and now, in November, there have been entire weeks of meals that I have thrown away uncooked. Not just a waste of money, but a terrible waste of quality food.

I’ve reduced my deliveries to every other week, but that hasn’t helped like I thought it would, and I’m thinking it’s time to put a hold on the account. Maybe after the holidays, I’ll be back in the swing of things and ready to commit to cooking regularly again.