This might be my next theme, after I get tired of this one

It’s a four day weekend (woo!) and I spent several hours today helping a friend set up her very first WordPress site. While browsing for education-y themes, I found this awesome theme that I totally want to use: Totally awesome!

Happy birthday, Kerry!

Today is my cousin Kerry’s birthday, so, happy birthday, chica! Enjoy your year of enlightenment! My 16-month-old nephew loves his two kitties. He knows how to call them “kitty”, but he more frequently calls them “meow!” Gabby tends to avoid him as much as possible, unless he’s eating, but Greta doesn’t mind risking the occasional […]

Loving the new apartment

Everything is unpacked, and has been since Memorial Day. Got rid of stuff thanks to Craigslist and my friends who didn’t mind taking in some of my old books and childhood Barbies. My new couch arrived, and the kitties and I have been breaking it in. Kristen helped me assemble the beautiful Ikea standing closets […]