Checking out the new post editor

Holy @$^#$ what the @$%^%$#!!!

Yup, that was my first thought when I went into a post on the *work* blog this morning and couldn’t find the damned content. After some panicked googling, I installed the “Classic Editor” plugin and set everything back to right over there, but then I immediately came over here to see what it was all about. Honestly, if I accidentally destroy something over here, no one is really going to notice, right?

After checking out one of the older posts here, and seeing the content exactly where it should be, I’m figuring that the theme we’re using over at the work blog is probably not compatible with this shiny new editor block thingie, so it’s doubtful we’ll be turning that back on again anytime soon, but just in case, I’ll just keep poking around right here so I know what’s going on.

So far this is looking kinda cool!

Looks like embedding stuff just got a whole lot easier! Embedding that song from Spotify was crazy easy. Let’s check out some image stuff now.

Ok, that looks pretty awesome. And check out Hobbes, he’s so dang adorable! And sooo soft. And sweet. And all kinds of other s-words.

I think that’s good for my first test of this new blocks thing. I hope you enjoyed this rambling nothing of a post. 🙂

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Bullet Journal, take two

I started a new bullet journal this weekend. I’d taken a stab at bullet-journal-ing a couple of years ago, and even managed to maintain it for a couple of months, but couldn’t keep up with it on a daily basis. Since then, I’ve still used its methods whenever I make up a task list, but I haven’t been taking full advantage of all it has to offer, so yesterday I spent a couple of hours setting up a new one, all official-like.

What is a bullet journal? Have you been living under a rock? It’s a notebook specifically organized to help you maximize your time and help you identify what’s important, and what isn’t. There’s a lovely intro video on that can explain it better than I can. And if you’re really brave, you can search for bullet journals on Pinterest, and see all the amazing, creative layouts people have devised (and that I will never achieve myself, fo shizzle).

So far, I have my index, birthday and other annual events in there, plus my monthly reminders and goals for March, and the first week of daily task lists. Looking at all the potential pages on Pinterest, I’m thinking of a Weight Watchers page (tracking weight, days I tracked food, and days I exercised (which so far is none)), project pages for knitting projects, and project pages for work projects. And maybe a page to track how often I blog (ha!). I think it’s supposed to be motivational as well as organizational, we’ll see if it works. The pages of this notebook are thicker and more substantial than the last notebook I’d worked with, so I think that will help. And I’m going to try to keep the book on me, so I don’t forget to put things in it. Maybe I’ll even create a page to track the days I use my bullet journal.

It’s possible this was all just an excuse to use my pretty new pens, but I’m hoping to keep up with this, and I’m hoping it will help keep me from feeling so overwhelmed. *fingers crossed*

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Work work work!

This is a website I’ve been working on for a friend:


I’m insanely happy with it, and I hope she is too (I’m still waiting for feedback). I started with the Florance theme by Jinsona Designs, mostly for the rounded corners, which I hate creating myself. I had to hack the rest of it quite a bit, but I kept the slideshow (so far) and the boxy style on the post meta info (comments, tags, etc.). Of course, the hacking was the fun part.

I’m not terribly good at fading with Photoshop, so if the screen is too wide, you can see the outside edge on the left side of the background image. I’ve gotta hit up my designer friends to see if anyone can help me fix that. I think that’s the only thing I don’t like, though. The colors ended up coming together really well, which isn’t usually the case when I make a stab at designing (not really my forte).

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Another new theme! Oops?

So yes, a new theme, because I am an idiot and overwrote my old theme’s customized index file, thinking I was in a completely different window for a completely different site. And I don’t have a backup.

Let this be a lesson to y’all! Backup your files!

Now I am thinking bad thoughts about a certain plumber, who is late. I cannot get lunch until he gets here, dammit. Hungry!

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New theme!

New year, new blogging resolution, so of course, new theme! Hopefully these shiny new colors and graphics will keep me excited to come back and add new posts. ;-D