Gratuitous Picture Post Knitting and Crochet

Testing out “read more” vs. the excerpt.

Hmm, this is just a test post, but I feel I should add some kind of decent content. Oh, I know!

Knitting and Crochet

A Very Braidy Cowl

Very Braidy Cowl--in progress
Very Braidy Cowl–in progress

This is my current project: A Very Braidy Cowl. I was in the mood for something a little more challenging than the one-row-pattern scarves I’ve been focusing on for the last few months, and this one seemed perfect for the Dark Horse Fantasy yarn I picked up at Yarns Unlimited last month. I’m really enjoying it, possibly enough to make another when this one is finished. It’s slow, but not as slow as I thought it would be.

The downside is that it’s not really an on-the-go pattern, so I started up another One Row Handspun Scarf (by the YarnHarlot) for when I’m not at home. I’m not loving the colors in this one, but I’m sure it’ll make a lovely gift for someone that isn’t me. The yarn is Manos del Uruguay’s Maxima, which I love love love, but yeah, not so much in this yellow/green colorway.

News Travel

May already?

So it turns out I’m not ready for a Kindle. I’ve been carrying around the Kindle from the office with a bunch of books loaded on it, and I NEVER TAKE IT OUT. And that’s with four plane trips in the past month. So, no Kindle for me yet.

Nye's - Polish karaoke piano bar in Minneapolis (on Hennepin)

ION, I’ve been a traveling FIEND. Houston (wedding!), Dallas (nephew is permanently my nephew!), Minneapolis (zombie bars and Polish karaoke piano bars!), I’ve been to them all in the past month, and I’ll be heading to Vegas before the month is out. I am SO OVER traveling, yo. I miss my couch. Where I happen to sitting at this very moment, with a cat attached to my side.

On the plus side, I’ve been making new friends, from lots of places–L.A., northern Cali, Texas, D.C. and even Sweden. Hopefully Facebook will help me maintain and possibly grow these new acquaintances into more permanent fixtures, ’cause they’re all pretty awesome.

Dao, Moppety, Katie and me, on the dance 'floor' at 'stina's wedding

My knitting has been mainly scarves lately–quick, easy, and lightweight, so I can carry them around with me. Maybe I’ll post more on them later.

Saw the supermoon last night, and it was very impressive. No pictures, though, since my moon pictures always come out fuzzy, so I didn’t even try this time.

Saw the Avengers yesterday–so!awesome! Awesome enough to merit a second theater viewing, possibly even in 3D. (I hate 3D–headache inducing and generally not worth the extra $$. Might make an exception in this case, though.)

Let’s see, what else? Work is work. I need to practice more at pool before the tournament. I really need to do some grocery shopping. Oh, and my weight is out of control. Must!Move!More!

Ok, the end.

Knitting and Crochet Shopping

Happy New Year! Let the new knitting projects commence!

Per usual, I spent the Christmas holidays in New England, and the combination of awesome baby nephew and getting Baby Beanies: Happy Hats to Knit for Little Heads for Christmas meant getting back on the knitting wagon. Of course, that also meant a trip to Michael’s for yarn, circs and double-pointed needles–always fun!

I finished this hat in two days:

Riley's hat
Choc....something hat from Baby Beanies

Which looks even more adorable *on* him:
Riley in hat
Riley in the first hat his Auntie Polgara made for him

I made another hat as well–a pointy one in blue and green–but for some reason completely forgot to take a picture of it. Plus I suspect it’s already too small for his head. Obviously this means I’ll need to make another in the next size up!

I also picked up some marbled yarn (don’t have it with me, will try to remember to add the name later) in cranberry colors to make a Big Bad Baby Blanket, which I wanted to get started on a couple of days ago, but I can’t find any of my size 11 or 13 circs. I know I have them, ’cause it’s my favorite size, so I can only assume I have a gazillion WIPs still on needles hiding in the many nooks and crannies of my apartment. Question is, do I go in search of them, or do I just buy more needles? Hmm. I think I see some new Addi Turbos in my future! 😀

Gratuitous Picture Post Miscellaneous Whining

The upside of spam

For some reason this blog is getting tons more spam comments than my knitting blog. On the bright side, though, it reminds me that hey, I need to post here more often!

Right now I’m sitting on my couch, basking in the sun streaming from the window, listening to the soft breathing of Zeva sleeping next to me, and trying to motivate myself to dry my hair. I have to leave soon to meet my tax accountant, and I’m terribly nervous about it. Claris, she who referred me, assures me he is a magic man who is well worth the $300, but what if I’m a special case that he can’t help and I end up shelling out the $300 PLUS a gazillion extra tax dollars? What if all the prep work I did for the past two weeks was all wrong and he has to start from scratch? What if…. What if…. Yeah, I’m a master at the what if.


ION, from my position on the couch I can see the blanket and three scarves that I need to photograph and blog about, so y’all can see that I haven’t been just lazy lately. Soon, my pretties, soon….