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A Very Braidy Cowl

Very Braidy Cowl--in progress
Very Braidy Cowl–in progress

This is my current project: A Very Braidy Cowl. I was in the mood for something a little more challenging than the one-row-pattern scarves I’ve been focusing on for the last few months, and this one seemed perfect for the Dark Horse Fantasy yarn I picked up at Yarns Unlimited last month. I’m really enjoying it, possibly enough to make another when this one is finished. It’s slow, but not as slow as I thought it would be.

The downside is that it’s not really an on-the-go pattern, so I started up another One Row Handspun Scarf (by the YarnHarlot) for when I’m not at home. I’m not loving the colors in this one, but I’m sure it’ll make a lovely gift for someone that isn’t me. The yarn is Manos del Uruguay’s Maxima, which I love love love, but yeah, not so much in this yellow/green colorway.