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Is it possible to love Pitch Perfect any more than this?

Pitch Perfect

I rented Pitch Perfect from Amazon Saturday night, and not only was I pleasantly surprised, I totally fell in love. This movie is wonderful! The characters, the story, the music, and good lord but Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins are hilarious. “Nothing makes a woman feel more like a girl than a man who sings like a boy.” One of my favorite running gags is Lily, the girl who speaks so softly that I’ve watched the movie three times so far and I still haven’t figured out all of her lines, but here’s a taste of some that I have caught: “I ate my twin in the womb,” “I did a turn in County,” and “Anyone want to see a dead body?” And I love the sexy confidence of the only slightly absurd Fat Amy. “You call yourself Fat Amy?” “Yeah, so twig bitches like you don’t do it behind my back.” Not to mention the marvelous cameo by Christopher Mintz-Plasse in the two audition scenes.

I’m right this second watching it for the fourth time in 48 hours, and I’m still catching new things (Quidditch Club!). I’ve downloaded the soundtrack and several of the original source songs from iTunes. I totally need to get this dvd.

I am so in love with this movie! Go! See it! Love it!

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May already?

So it turns out I’m not ready for a Kindle. I’ve been carrying around the Kindle from the office with a bunch of books loaded on it, and I NEVER TAKE IT OUT. And that’s with four plane trips in the past month. So, no Kindle for me yet.

Nye's - Polish karaoke piano bar in Minneapolis (on Hennepin)

ION, I’ve been a traveling FIEND. Houston (wedding!), Dallas (nephew is permanently my nephew!), Minneapolis (zombie bars and Polish karaoke piano bars!), I’ve been to them all in the past month, and I’ll be heading to Vegas before the month is out. I am SO OVER traveling, yo. I miss my couch. Where I happen to sitting at this very moment, with a cat attached to my side.

On the plus side, I’ve been making new friends, from lots of places–L.A., northern Cali, Texas, D.C. and even Sweden. Hopefully Facebook will help me maintain and possibly grow these new acquaintances into more permanent fixtures, ’cause they’re all pretty awesome.

Dao, Moppety, Katie and me, on the dance 'floor' at 'stina's wedding

My knitting has been mainly scarves lately–quick, easy, and lightweight, so I can carry them around with me. Maybe I’ll post more on them later.

Saw the supermoon last night, and it was very impressive. No pictures, though, since my moon pictures always come out fuzzy, so I didn’t even try this time.

Saw the Avengers yesterday–so!awesome! Awesome enough to merit a second theater viewing, possibly even in 3D. (I hate 3D–headache inducing and generally not worth the extra $$. Might make an exception in this case, though.)

Let’s see, what else? Work is work. I need to practice more at pool before the tournament. I really need to do some grocery shopping. Oh, and my weight is out of control. Must!Move!More!

Ok, the end.

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Favorites of 2010

I don’t generally do top ten lists or lists of favorites, because let’s face it, I have the attention span of a fire ant, and all my favorites are likely to be from November and December, and maybe October if something in that month was truly spectacular. But I do have some favorites to share from this year (and yes, two of them are from the past two months, sue me), so I may as well lay them out there.

Favorite book(s) of the year: The Hunger Games trilogy
I can safely say this was my absolute favorite book of the year for two reasons: 1) Books are actually the one thing I keep track of, and looking back over the list from 2010, nothing even compares to The Hunger Games; and 2) I loved these books so much that I bought six extra copies of the first one to give away over Christmas, to try to suck other people into them.

Favorite new blog of the year: Mark Reads
OMIGOD I LOVE THIS WEBSITE SO MUCH! And yes, it’s deeply tied to my favorite book of the year, because Mark happened to be reading and reviewing The Hunger Games when I discovered his blog. The kick is that he only reads one chapter per day, then writes his review/recap, and if you’ve read THG, then you know it’s ridiculously hard to put it down at the end of a chapter, ’cause they all end in cliffhangers. Reading Mark’s journey through the book has enhanced my own memories of reading it, and now, reading his recaps of Catching Fire continues to make me chortle with glee. AND! He’s recapping his second reading of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! (Which I just reread myself before Christmas.) Seriously, I cannot gush about his blog enough. Go read for yourself!

Favorite song of the year: Hey by Lil Jon & 3OH!3
I listened to this song on repeat for every morning for a week when I first found it, and every time it comes up on my ipod, I still listen to it at least twice. It makes me happy.

Favorite new (to me) TV show: The Vampire Diaries
I’d watched the pilot when it first aired, decided it was too Twilight for me, and gave up on it. Then over the summer, many of my friends whose judgments I trust couldn’t stop talking about how great it was, and how much it improved after the sixth episode. So, I gave it a shot. I Netflixed it in September, and OMIGOD! Fell totally in love. Immediately bought the first five episodes of season two from iTunes, and now I watch in real-time like everyone else. Sadly I have yet to pull my sister in, but I intend to keep trying.

Favorite movie of the year: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
I had to look up the movies of 2010* to even remember what I saw this year, but that means I can definitively say that yes, Harry Potter was my favorite of the year. I thought it did a great job of staying as true to the book as it could, and really benefited from the decision to turn the last book into a two-part movie. Red was a close second (so much fun!), with Hot Tub Time Machine and How to Train Your Dragon vying for third.

And that’s all I’ve got. Not a bad list. I’ll try to keep track of my media choices over 2011 so hopefully I do this again next year. 😀

*Beware the many popups on that link.