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May already?

So it turns out I’m not ready for a Kindle. I’ve been carrying around the Kindle from the office with a bunch of books loaded on it, and I NEVER TAKE IT OUT. And that’s with four plane trips in the past month. So, no Kindle for me yet.

Nye's - Polish karaoke piano bar in Minneapolis (on Hennepin)

ION, I’ve been a traveling FIEND. Houston (wedding!), Dallas (nephew is permanently my nephew!), Minneapolis (zombie bars and Polish karaoke piano bars!), I’ve been to them all in the past month, and I’ll be heading to Vegas before the month is out. I am SO OVER traveling, yo. I miss my couch. Where I happen to sitting at this very moment, with a cat attached to my side.

On the plus side, I’ve been making new friends, from lots of places–L.A., northern Cali, Texas, D.C. and even Sweden. Hopefully Facebook will help me maintain and possibly grow these new acquaintances into more permanent fixtures, ’cause they’re all pretty awesome.

Dao, Moppety, Katie and me, on the dance 'floor' at 'stina's wedding

My knitting has been mainly scarves lately–quick, easy, and lightweight, so I can carry them around with me. Maybe I’ll post more on them later.

Saw the supermoon last night, and it was very impressive. No pictures, though, since my moon pictures always come out fuzzy, so I didn’t even try this time.

Saw the Avengers yesterday–so!awesome! Awesome enough to merit a second theater viewing, possibly even in 3D. (I hate 3D–headache inducing and generally not worth the extra $$. Might make an exception in this case, though.)

Let’s see, what else? Work is work. I need to practice more at pool before the tournament. I really need to do some grocery shopping. Oh, and my weight is out of control. Must!Move!More!

Ok, the end.



I’ve been wanting to buy a Kindle since Christmas, but have been holding off since I still have so many page-and-spine books on my TBR shelf to get through. I can’t use the Kindle to read them, so I’d just have to buy more books to get any use out of it, and let’s face it, I really don’t need to be buying more books right now.

So instead I borrowed a Kindle from my boss for a couple of weeks, to see if it’s as cool as it looks, and if I can get any use out of it while I still have so many other books to read; or if I get over the novelty quickly once it’s actually in my hands.

Well, I’ve had it for two days now, and I’m starting to lean towards the latter, since I haven’t really looked at it other than to read a few pages from the user manual. Of course, that’s not really giving it the old college try, so I think I’ll download Sherlock Holmes later and actually test out what reading on it is really like.

Is there anything else one can do with it other than books? Guess I’ll have to google that later.

Relatedly, I created an Amazon wishlist specifically of books I’d want to get for the Kindle, only to find out later, when I went to the wishlist, that you can’t really ‘list’ Kindle books! All the books on the list had a button to “see buying options” instead of specifically including the Kindle information I’d been trying to save. WTF?? So much for trying to sort the books by Kindle price.