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Dollhouses and miniatures

Once upon a time I was big into dollhouses and miniatures. I was fresh out of college, unemployed, bored, a little depressed, and on a whim I purchased a kit to build a dollhouse. Building it, painting and decorating it, furnishing it–it all became an obsession (as many of my hobbies do), and not a cheap one at that. I eventually moved on, gave the house away (keeping the awesomest furnishings and dolls, of course) and never went back.

Until now, that is. For some reason (I think it might’ve been something on Pinterest that sparked it), I’m all about the miniatures again. I’ve already ordered a new dollhouse kit from Amazon, and I’ve been plowing through dozens of blogs and tutorials, perusing the online hobby stores, and checking out houses on the streets looking for the right exterior finish for my (not-yet-arrived or built) new house (I’m thinking brick, or maybe stone). I dug out a box of the old furniture, and still need to find the box with the dolls (which, it turns out, are pretty rare and expensive now–who knew I had such good taste at 22?).

It’s all very familiar, yet new at the same time. The world wide web didn’t even exist the last time I was into miniatures! So many blogs and forums and pictures and experts and ideas and stores and damn, I love the internet. It really does make everything better.

I couldn’t find any digital pics specifically of my old dollhouse, but it’s here in the background behind Skitzo, our beloved and very much missed orange tabby:

Skitzo showing off my dollhouse
Skitzo showing off my dollhouse

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