The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen

The Silent Girl

I read The Silent Girl this weekend–first book I’ve finished in awhile, for whatever reason. I really enjoyed it (more than the previous book, Ice Cold), but it made me think of all the tropes that it seems like every series–be it book or tv–feels the need to cover at some point or other. In this case, it was Chinatown, but on the bright side, it didn’t have anything to do with Asian mafia groups. I loved the character of Iris Fang and totally want to be her when I grow up (which will be never). Rizzoli’s male family members continue to drive me bug-nuts crazy and I really wish pianos would fall on the lot of them. And sadly, Isles was just a peripheral character in this one (although at least we weren’t subjected to (too much) moping about her affair with the priest).

My goal this month is to finish four novels, so that’s one down, three to go. To that end, however, I probably shouldn’t have started A Discovery of Witches, which appears to be as long as a hefty Harry Potter adventure. We’ll see how that goes.

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