Another book finished

A Discovery of Witches

Just finished A Discovery of Witches last night–loved it! Even skipped pool league to finish it. The plot moved verrrrrry slowly, but I was ok with that, possibly because I really enjoyed the peek into a scholarly life. I work at an arts institute that includes a research library, and I’ve never really understood what goes on there, but I feel like this book let me explore a world I’ll never be a part of (and that’s not even counting the witches and vampires).

And speaking of worlds I’ll never be a part of–Oxford. I totally need to get myself to wikipedia now to get a better understanding of colleges vs. universities, ’cause it sounds a lot different there than it works here in the U.S.

I loved the blending of science and history, the different locations that the characters visit, and the ever-expanding cast of characters (although not necessarily the timing of adding said characters–certain additions seemed rushed). It reminded me vaguely of The Historian, only far more readable. I can’t wait to start the next book (Shadow of Night–already downloaded from Amazon, of course).

A warning, though–it does seem to be a ‘love it or hate it’ kind of book. I know a lot of people who were bored with the slow pace and never finished it.

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