100 Things About Me: 4-6

4. My closest friends are people I met online, specifically at The Bronze and Buffistas (both Buffy the Vampire Slayer communities).

5. I first started wearing glasses when I was eight, and I was very happy about it, because the most popular girl in class also wore glasses, so I considered them very “in”.

6. When asked, I usually say my favorite color is purple, and yet my favorite nail polish (and hair) color is blue, and most of my yarn purchases are in shades of green, and my bedroom is decorated in pinks, oranges and yellows, so I’ve recently come to realize that I really don’t have a favorite color–I just like all of them!

Weather: 59F, with an expected 81F high for the day

Breakfast: Same as the last two days–protein bar and tea (only one cup so far, ’cause even though I remembered to pick up a box of Lipton yesterday, I didn’t realize how very low the milk supply was)

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