Almost forgot!

Yikes, one busy day at work, and I nearly forgot to post! I have nothing earthshattering to share, I’m afraid, as I’m *still* busy at work. The heater is on because the office is like a freezer. I had evil, stabby thoughts about a coworker today who “seriously annoyed” me (I say it like that in case my uncle ever finds this blog, but what I really want to say is much more uncouth), but after venting to my supervisor, I downgraded my thoughts to just evil.

The changing of the clocks hasn’t sunk in yet–woke up way too early. But I stayed in bed, and the cats, rather than pester me for food, decided to hunker down with me, or more to the point, ON me. I think I still have a crick in my neck from the way Jack settled on my head.

That’s it for the now. I know I promised to post pictures, and I owe three more things about me, but those’ll have to wait. Later!

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