Back from the magical land of Denver

I’m home from Denver! You didn’t even know I was gone, did you? I was there for the American Assocation of Museums conference, where my boss led two workshops (with the assistance of myself and three others) wherein we gave away the source code for two of our online games. Go team us!

The conference was on the exhausting side, mostly because we were working on workshop materials up until midnight the night before the first one, followed by frantically making edits to the materials that didn’t work in the first workshop, in time for the second workshop. Also, there was a lot of drinking, and a lot of insomnia.

After the conference was over and I’d caught up on my sleep (thank you, Benadryl!), I spent Thursday morning at the Denver Art Museum with my boss and my coworker (our two associates had left the day before), where I was surprisingly impressed with their contemporary art collection, and where I purchased my Colorado souvenirs–a courage/fear ring and a statuette of the Big Blue Bear that hangs out outside the Denver Convention Center.

After the museum, we stopped at the hotel for our luggage, then made a mad dash for the airport (boss got his flight time wrong by an hour). My colleagues went on their merry ways back to L.A. while I braved the FREAK!SNOWSTORM to Enterprise rent-a-car to pick up my compact KIA Sportage (the snow freaked me out, so I upgraded to something with more weight). I spent the afternoon at a shopping center where I got my hair cut, drank chai, and browsed Borders, then headed to my friend Bastion’s for the weekend. It was a good call, given his heretofore unknown fondness for delicious cooking.

Friday, after having bagels with B and dropping by the hotel to pick up the stuff I’d left in the hotel room safe the day before (d’oh!), I drove down to Colorado Springs to chill out in the Garden of the Gods (chill being the operative word–it was freezing!). Friday night, after a yummy dinner (again cooked by B) we went to the local bar to play pool, but when confronted with way too many assholes, we decided home was a much better option.

Sadly, there was little sleeping involved in Friday night, but Saturday started with a delicious breakfast, followed by a drive to Red Rocks with Bastion for my version of hiking (picture much limping and resting), followed by a nap, some Halo 2 action, and more pool and yummy food at Wynkoop downtown.

It was a fun weekend with Bastion and his friends. Oh, and his (and his roommates’) adorable kitties–Grendel, Bastet and Mr. Grabby! But now I am home, and back to the drudgery of cooking for myself (bah!).

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