Can you hear me now?

Well, we’re back. We’re still a little broken, so please bear with me, but we’re almost there. Pictures are still being uploaded, the blog needs more formatting, but really, those are the easy parts.

So what happened? Well, my old webhost is the devil suddenly went MIA on Tuesday. One minute my website and email were there, the next, they were gone, and so far still are. The webhost is the devil has not answered a single email or phone call, and I’m fearing the worst for my data. In a nutshell, this means a) all my old blog entries are gone; b) all my old emails and email addresses are gone; c) I’ve had to spend all afternoon today rebuilding files; and d) I’m really not a happy person because is the devil. We’re now living in a shiny new server, thanks to, but even that will most likely be short term, as I’m not a big fan of their very archaic web-based email software. *sigh*

So that’s the state of my union, and really, it’s just a sign of the entire week I had last week. My website died, my email died, my cat died, my project at work blew up in my face, ‘causing me to lose faith in my job and the people I do it for, and when I tried to comfort myself with the rare treat of pizza on Friday, it made me sick, and my building has no hot water. So yeah, verra bad week.

But this is a new week, with a new webhost, and hopefully a new attitude. May it be better than last week.

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don’t mind me, just testing out the comments function. so far i hate it. don’t know if i’ll be able to fix it though.

I don’t think I’ve updated that page since I first created it six months ago, but you’re right, I have to go add DG, with the proper linkage so others can discover their amazingness. *g* And your email address is one of the ones I happen to have memorized, so no worries there. 🙂

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