Chore day

I’m feeling overwhelmed today–I’ve let the general chores go for so long that it’s reached critical mass, and now it’s omigod so much! I’ve been breaking it down to little pieces, ’cause if I look at the mountain of dishes or the mucho laundry as something to tackle en masse, it’s too much, and I go knit instead. Doing dishes in ten minute spurts works much better (plus it’s better for my achy back), as does prioritizing the laundry (need clean socks before I even consider that slipcover).

In non-housecleaning news, I unravelled a scarf that I made last night, ’cause it just wasn’t going to work as it was, i.e. it annoyed me so much I’d never wear it. This means I’ll probably have to pick one of my existing scarves for tomorrow night’s party, but oh well. At least I have a new sweater and new jacket, so who cares if it’s accessorized with an old scarf?

And now I’m back on my chores, because I keep meaning to make a list, and keep forgetting. More dishes, get rid of all the trash (and don’t forget the bathroom this time), pick up and vacuum. Finish the holiday cards, pack up the stuff to ship home before Xmas, finish all in-progress knitting for the purses, and felt said purses. Finish gift knitting that doesn’t include purses. Visit Gracie. Watch Netflix dvds. Cook pot roast. Make lunch plans for next weekend with PT and his wife. Bake cookies. RSVP to R&J. Find L’s keys. Find gloves. Affix clasps on the finished purses. There’s more, I’m sure, but my head can’t fit anymore. *sigh*

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