Christmas In New England

Christmas at home (the east coast one) is always a little weird. It’s a dash of “feels like I never left” mixed with a pinch of “I don’t remember that being there”, then baked at 350 with the traditional holiday stress. I feel torn between two worlds, both with their many attractions and temptations, but only one with all my worldly possessions. Soon I’ll be back on the west coast, missing the snow and the pool hall that I haven’t even had time to visit, and the readily available parking, yet glad to be back with my cats and my friends and the glitz of my adopted city. And there’s never enough time to hit it all – didn’t get out to Amherst to visit the alma mater, didn’t get to Fenway to lean against the brick (yeah, I’ve been to Fenway many times, but never so close to an actual World Series win), didn’t get to Faneuil Hall to people watch while I drank chai from Peet’s, didn’t get to the pool hall that everyone tells me is no longer safe for the general public, didn’t visit my godmother like I swore I would this time around, and didn’t even get to a movie theater with my sister like we’ve always managed to find time for in the past. Still haven’t passed the house we all grew up in since it was sold several years ago – I hear there’s a car parked on the lawn, hence my hesitation.

On the other hand, I got to see cousins I don’t usually get to see (except for Jeff – still haven’t seen him yet), played Halo 2 and got slaughtered, stocked up on Red Sox tshirts, and generally spent my time hanging with my family. It wasn’t a wasted vacation, but damn, I wish I could’ve fit more in.

Anyway, wishing wonderful holiday wishes to all my friends and family, a happy new year that is better than all the years previous, and safe travel vibes to all those travelling. And don’t travel Delta – they stranded me overnight in Cincinnati two weeks ago and I’m not likely to forgive that anytime soon.

Also also, Jeremy Piven. (That’s a personal note to myself, you don’t need to understand it.)

Ciao. 🙂

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