Disabled List, with pictures

So since my last entry, I’ve managed to injure myself a bit more than usual, so much so that I actually *gasp* went to the doctor! He said I tore the meniscus (something in my knee). I have been limping, resting, and popping pills all week. Then today my physical therapist, hereafter known as “The Torturer”, thinks my doctor’s on crack and that I just pulled a muscle. Personally, don’t care what it is as long as they can fix me, and preferably without surgery. So that’s been my week.

But it did allow me a lot of time to sit on my butt over the weekend, so I spent that time processing images. I haven’t yet got them all online, but here are some of the Christmas pictures (mostly just up to Christmas Eve). Also, the cutest picture ever of Jack, and someone’s Christmas nightmareTM Todd, if that someone wasn’t 10 years old (fortunately the person it was made for was 10 years old).

That’s the it for now. 🙂

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