Don’t you miss NaBloPoMo?

Yep, I haven’t updated this blog in, oh, what, seven weeks? Damn.

So the reason I’m posting today is because I found this lovely website.

I’ve never read her books, and in fact, I’ve never even heard of her. Someone in LJ linked to her post about How to Be a Writer in Ten Easy Steps (very cute post, btw) and I immediately fell in love with her web design. The use of color, the organization, the cute homepage–omigod, so adorable. Some of the execution needs work (for instance, the rollover navigation in the Travel Tips section), but that’s easy code stuff that’s probably just the result of an unnoticed typo. The design, though…. Man, I wish it were mine. LOVE!

I’ve been spending a lot of time this week studying CMS options and reading up on CSS, so sites and design have been heavy on my mind. As I often say, I suck at design, but what I realized this week is that more than just sucking, I really HATE designing. The big picture isn’t too hard–use these colors, put tabs here, use this navigation–but the actual constructing of the tabs and the borders and the background images and UGH! It involves an attention to detail that’s fun in knitting but makes me want to scratch my eyes out in photoshop. I wish it were as easy as Maureen Johnson’s website makes it look.


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