Dreamin’ my life away

I have that song stuck in my head, the dreeeeeeam, dream dream dream, dreeeeeeeam, dream dream dream song. It’s the last song playing on the ipod this morning before I got out of the car, which was quite apt at the time, given I’d daydreamed my way along my commute. It’s a wonder I didn’t cause an accident.

The Christmas confusion has started, wherein I feel happy and joyous for all things Christmassy and cheery, except for when I feel depressed and stressed about presents and shopping and packing and missing Christmasses past. It’s a topsy-turvy time of year. Sometimes I’m sad that I don’t have “that special someone” to share it with, who might help take some of the pressure off while at the same time adding to the special joyousness of the season, but I try not to dwell on it, since I’m unwilling to take steps to change anything.

Hmm. I think that stupid song has to come off the ipod.

In other news, I had Thanksgiving-themed nightmares last night, which is odd since I’m not hosting this year, nor am I doing the bulk of the cooking, so really, what the hell? Nightmares be gone!

And speaking of, when I was a kid, I suffered from frequent nightmares that scared the bejeesus out of me. I even became frightened of the very word “nightmare”, and would flip out anytime anyone said it in my presence, convinced that the word caused the dreams. I can’t remember when I stopped fearing the word, but it obviously happened at some point. I still get nightmares sometimes, but the really bad ones are usually only once or twice a year. (And a hallelujah! to that!)

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