Go Red Sox!

The Red Sox continue to rock hard. I watched the third game at my favorite bar, Sonny McLean’s – the local Boston bar – where Fox Sports News was filming the huge crowd (and for some reason they brought a goat – wuwt?). I met the very cool Betsy and JC from Tulsa, huge Red Sox fans because Betsy was really from Amherst. We drank pear cider (my first ever), cheered and jeered and laughed, and everything else you do when you’re sitting next to cool people at your favorite bar watching the most fabulous game ever. Coworker B joined us after the third(?) inning, and was lucky to get in at all – the place was packed to capacity, in the middle of a workday Friday. It was just the perfect way to watch the game.

Of course, now we come to the inevitable battle with the Yankees. But this year it’s gonna be different. This is the year they’re not going to stand in our way.

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