I left my bank account… San Francisco!

Spent last week in San Francisco. Boy, does NOLA have a lot to live up to! And now I know that Petrone is good, Remy Martin is good, Jameson is good, Hennessy not so much, and not all cosmopolitans are bad. Also, no one in San Francisco had ever heard of a Malibu breeze before I hit town.

Other things I learned:
+Tim is beautiful, and you can see for yourself if you’re hungry at 3am and find yourself at a diner called Lori’s in downtown.
+Conferences with a male-female ratio of about 7-1 are a very different experience from fan parties that usually have a 10-1 female-male ratio. Oh, yes.
+Brown Jacket Hottie was pretty to look at, but hopefully is a better computer geek than he is a public speaker.
+There are way too many Yankees fans that use Interwoven products, but at least the South African Yankees Fan had the pretty accent.
+Going to sleep at 5am and getting up at 9:30am to sit in a seminar without falling asleep is not as hard as it sounds.
+A&E shows T.J. Hooker reruns at 3am! Who knew?
+The Cliff House, sadly, no longer has the penny arcarde, which almost ruined Friday evening, until we went ‘splorin’ ’round the cliffs instead.
+Dim Sum rocks!
+Never yell out “we’re so lost!” in downtown San Fran, unless you want an army of aggressive homeless men to tag along to “show you the way.” (Wasn’t me, btw, it was K that proved to be the Pied Piper of vagrants.)
+Always take my phone from me before I start drinking, so there’s no repeat of the “calling the boss’s voicemail at 3:30am to leave him a message” incident. (Thank god my boss is cool.)
+The right quantity of alcohol will make a knee injury “disappear” for the night, but the price will be very high the next day….and the next day…..and yeah, the day after that, too.
+But at least the price didn’t involve either a hangover or vomiting, so my almost unblemished record is still good.
+Jay Leno is a pretty good standup, even though he sucks as a talk show host.

This is just a summary of my last five days. There are many stories to tell, some that might not even see the light of day (we haven’t decided yet.) But I’m very fortunate to get along so well with the three people I work most closely with.

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