I’m not wearing underwear today!

Ok, that’s not really true, I just have that song from Avenue Q stuck in my head today:

I’m not wearing underwear today,
No I’m not wearing underwear today
Not that you probably care
Much about my underwear
Still none the less I gotta say
That I’m not wearing underwear today

Right now I’m procrastinating getting dressed and out of the house to visit Miss Gracie. Not that I don’t want to visit Gracie, of course, ’cause she’s usually the highlight of my weekend; it’s the getting moving part that I always have a hard time with. It didn’t help that my morning started off with trying to figure out why my desktop wallpaper didn’t appear when I booted up. Usually that means my external drive needs rebooting, but this time the drive was fine. Turns out, when I went to properties, the only images in the wallpaper selection screen were the defaults, and oddly, the images I’d deleted yesterday. Weird. Still, not a great way to start the morning.

In other news of my terribly exciting life, I spent yesterday knitting my first Christmas gift of the season while watching Buffy dvds. No clue yet who it’ll go to–it actually turned out so nifty I might find it hard to part with it. At least that’s one I can check off, though. Friday night, I sorted my wool yarn by color and pattern so I can just knit through it all without much thought (a rip-roaring Friday night, that was!), so I’ll be starting number two when I get back from Gracie’s.

I also managed to get off my duff last night and took a walk to Best Buy. I was motivated to do so by a desire to go hiking today–I found a nifty site that describes hikes local to my area, and one of them seemed to be not too difficult. Sadly, even though the round trip to BB is barely over a mile, my injured hip was still pissed off before I got back, which means no hiking for me yet. It felt good to get out and moving, though; I’m planning to give it another try tonight (must remember to stretch this time, though). On the plus side, my knee, while tired and cranky after the walk, did not spasm like it usually does. This is very heartening news.

In blog news, I’m going to try to remember to post a photo every day. Everyone likes photos, right? This is a picture of me with my sister, my cousin Kerry and her daughter Korina, taken last month when I went home for my cousin Cindy’s son’s wedding reception. (Didja follow all that?)

Kerry, Korina, Nancy and Paula

Weather: 61F with an expected high of 73F
Breakfast: South Beach PB&chocolate protein bar, two cups of tea

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