I’m thinking of giving up cable

In fact, I’m 99% sure of it. I’ve done my pros and cons list, and it leans heavily in the why the hell am I paying for this? camp. All the shows I’ve obsessed over are officially finished and off the air, so really, there’s no reason to continue paying Adelphia’s ridiculous fees, except for the Red Sox games, and those I can watch at Sonny’s. Netflix is my new obsession, and it’s feeding my need for quality television via dvd quite nicely, and for less than half the price of cable.

I will be doing a test run for the next week, which will consist of unhooking the cable to see how the broadcast stations look without it. If this works out, I could be cableless by Independence Day. Freedom from the corrupt cable company! Woo!

In other news, Mom and Fred got a new cat! Her name is Cleo(patra), she’s three months old, and they’ve had her for two days and already she’s their little princess. I’m sad that I probably won’t get to meet her until she’s a little adult, so please, go visit, take lots of pictures, and then send them to me so I can pretend I was there the whole time!

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