It’s Trouble’s Birthday Today

Today my cat Trouble is 10 years old–yay Trouble!

ION, I’ve been sick with the plague, or what I imagine the plague feels like. It’s not fun. On the bright side, as of this morning my throat no longer feels like I’ve been swallowing razor blades. On the not so bright side, I’m at work despite the still-sick, because today my former coworker is visiting before flying home to Georgia tonight, and I didn’t want to miss her. I doubt I’ll be up for dinner, though.

Paula, Stephanie and Nancy

Last week was a busy week. I flew home to New England on the 13th. Stephanie got married on the 15th down the Cape, and my lordie but it was a splendid time! Food and celebration and much drink and dancing, with lots of friends, including some I hadn’t seen in many years. Check out nearly 300 pictures of the weekend, taken by me, Nancy and Todd.

After the wedding, I had a couple of days off, then checked into a hotel in Boston for FlashForward2007, my favorite conference of the year. It was a bit marred this year by coming down with the plague on the first day, but it didn’t get really bad until Friday, so I was able to enjoy the sessions for the first two days, as well as the events for the first two evenings. Friday started the serious breathing issues, so I missed several sessions I’d wanted to attend.

Then Saturday, while my friend Kathie was getting married back in Pasadena, I was at the memorial mass for my mom (two years now), followed by lunch with family and friends at mom’s best friend’s house, which was then followed by dinner and board games at my sister’s in-laws (which would’ve been way funner if I hadn’t been so deeply into the plague by then).

Now I am home and finally feeling marginally better, which means full recovery shouldn’t be too far away.

And that is the state of me. 🙂

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