Most exciting Friday night EVAH!

I spent four hours last night scanning photos. Figured if I was going to sit around all night watching dvds and not knitting, I might as well get started on the oft-procrastinated project of scanning. Finally hooked up the scanner the sis and bil brought me last fall, downloaded the driver, and picked a photo album, and voila! I was on my way.

Four hours later, I had 136 photos scanned. 136. Gah. This is gonna take me forever. And the scanned quality isn’t quite perfect–levels are too dark, edges are a tad blurred, which meant another hour this morning trying to clean them up. Still not perfect, but better than they were. It’s not like they’re “art” quality anyway, they’re just snapshots of the past.

Weird how full the past gets. So many people and places and things that are no more, but are preserved forever in photos.

I’m so glad I’ve always been a shutterbug; my long-term memory just isn’t reliable enough.

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