Slacker Girl

I’ve been such a slacker lately with updates. Of course, it doesn’t really need mentioning as it’s fairly self-evident, but confession’s good for the soul, yo. Me=Slacker Girl.

My uncle Richard died a couple of weeks ago, so I went home for the funeral. Saw relatives I haven’t seen in years, including one of the cutest babies ever. Was a little sad that I hadn’t been more diligent in keeping in touch with some of my favorites from that side of the family. Hung out at the sister’s new apartment, and subsequently got hooked on an X-Box/Buffy video game. Knitted up a storm, and spent another small fortune on yarn. Got my hair cut. Missed a heck of a lot of krav. That pretty much sums it up.

Now it’s Friday, and Mom arrives on Wednesday for her annual spring visit. There’s so much cleaning and other prep stuff to get done, I’m getting weary just thinking about it. Or maybe I’m just tired in general. Dunno, but whatever it is, it makes it hard to focus, yo.

Yesterday was Jack’s birthday, he’s now two years old. He’s so incredibly big, and yet he still has the baby face that he’s always had. He’ll always be a big ol’ momma’s boy, though; he still follows me around like a puppy dog.

Yeah, I’m just rambling. How is it these posts always end up rambling? I’ll go do a study on that and get back to you. Until then, go get yourself a tshirt or a bumper sticker. ;-D

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