Strike that!

Today my friend Allyson and I got up way too early and visited the striking WGA members at FOX Studios. Our friends at had collected money for gift bags for the picketers, which Allyson put together last night. We met up with our friend Kristen, one of the coordinators for her picketing area, and distributed half the bags at the back gate, and the other half at the front gate. One of the picketers at the back gate was Sarah Fain (below, right), formerly a writer for Angel, and now co-show-runner for Women’s Murder Club.

Best!sign!ever! (And Sarah Fain, formerly of Angel)

Afterwards, Allyson and I had brunch at Mel’s, my first time there in well over a month. I had the largest meal I’ve had all week, which isn’t saying much. Completely by accident, it appears I’ve been starving myself. I’ve started entering my daily food intake information at the Spark People website, which has helped me realize that no, I don’t take in nearly enough calories by living off of protein bars and low-fat cheese. In fact, yesterday I survived on a mere 531 calories–apparently my minimum goal should be 1270. ?! That’s not good. Thanks to the ham and cheese omelet with a side of bacon at Mel’s, today I’ve doubled yesterday’s calories, which doesn’t seem fair when now I’m craving Chinese food.

I swear, I have no idea how to eat anymore. I’ve completely lost my common sense when it comes to food. I need my own private chef.

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