Sunshine on my shoes

The lack of updates has been frustrating, I know, but life, she has been busy. Work has been insane as we try to prep the entire site with a new nav bar and footer, and life has been filled with visitors from far away places, first my mom and the sis, and then my friend from Seattle. May has been good, but hectic, and I have high hopes for a chill June.

Highlights from the past month have included:

+Seeing the Cubs slaughter the Dodgers live and in person, without getting a sunburn.
+Watching a brilliant but underappreciated television show in all its unaired glory.
+Playing Harry Potter Uno with Mom and the sis, and completely disgusting the sis with my “look out for number one” philosophy that cost us both the game.
+Eating my first ostrich burger.
+Knocking my kickboxing instructor on his butt for a solid half hour as I attempted to perfect the strike-and-sweep technique.
+Getting a straight *and* a full house in my first two hands ever of Texas Hold’em. (The subsequent crushing loss on a pair of twos was less of a highlight.)
+Helping two friends enjoy their perfect wedding in the mountains.
+Seeing a friend I hadn’t seen in two years, and still instantly clicking.
+Finishing a beautiful shawl (pictures to be posted soon).
+Saying goodbye to the last Mutant Enemy television on the air.

And that’s not even the half of it, just the ones I can come up with right now. So you see, I really have been quite busy.

On the downside, my company has eradicated AIM from our systems. No more late afternoon Lexibox games. *sigh*

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Sorry, but no. That was an isolated event that had context. I don’t actually go around photographing nude women for the internet.

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