‘Tis my day off today, whatever shall I do?

Today’s my day off. That’s one of the coolest perks at my company–we get every other Friday off, all year long. Normally, I’d have PT today, but I’ve been downgraded to “schedule as needed” instead of “once a week”, so it truly is a day off.

I toyed with going to visit Gracie today (my friend’s baby girl), but after thinking about it, I realized I was already planning to stop at the nearby yarn store, and that’s just too risky, so the Gracie visit will have to wait until Sunday, when the yarn store is closed.

Instead, I shall endeavor to wash more dishes (the situation is seriously out of control these days), visit Target (for necessities only, I promise!), and maybe photograph more yarn and projects for my Ravelry database. There’s a purse, many scarves, and 12 granny squares that need to be recorded for prosperity. I also have to choose what I’m going to make for the company’s Holiday Charity Auction. And perhaps I’ll watch the tv shows I missed earlier this week. My life is so exciting, isn’t it?

In other news, Big Papi was on Regis and Kelly this morning–woot! He’s so adorable. The players’ voices always take me by surprise, as they never sound as I expect them to. I watch them up close and personal on my tv, the camera shots so close you can practically count their freckles, but it’s rare that I hear them speak. Papi, on the other hand, sounded pretty much as I expected–except for the accent. I’d somehow managed to forget that he wasn’t born here. His English was excellent, though, and he said nice things about the fans, which is always nice to hear.

On a more somber note, please send prayers/warm thoughts/be safe vibes to Jimmy C., the best man at my sister’s wedding, who is currenty deployed somewhere overseas. Earlier this week a member of his team was killed 15 feet from him, which means Jimmy is way closer to the action than we’d like him to be. My condolences go out to the family of Jimmy’s friend, and my wish for a safe return goes out to Jimmy and the rest of his team.

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