Tis the season

Sorry for the long absence. Life has been busy, some of it good, some of it bad.

The Knee: My doctor thinks it’s time for surgery. The injections worked to reduce the swelling, and therefore the pain, but the knee is now subluxating (dislocating) on a regular basis (don’t worry, it’s not sharp pain, more like pressure and discomfort, and if it does it for a long period, then achy pain). I went to one doctor last week for a second opinion, and he disagrees with, well, everything my doctor has said, but he’s also not highly regarded among my physical therapist’s patients. I have a third opinion schedule for 12/8, so we’ll see what happens then.

The Thanksgiving Holiday: I spent the whole weekend on Santa Catalina Island with seven friends, where we rented the lower level of a two-family house in Avalon just two blocks from the harbor. For the main event, my friends K & L brined and cooked an 18 pound turkey; A provided the mashed potatoes; and the rest of us filled in with wine, corn (me!), salad, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberries (both homemade relish and the canned variety) and pie. It was a marvelous holiday filled with yummy food and relaxing Scrabble and Uno games, with a couple of cold bugs jumping from person to person for a little variety. The weekend was spent eating leftovers, napping by the fireplace, and wandering the little town, where everything was in walking distance. S and I went on a tour of the conservancy part of the island on Friday (bison galore!), and L and I saw the latest Harry Potter movie at the classic Avalon Theatre in the old casino on our last night. It was a good relaxing weekend, just what we all needed.

The current projects: I have today off thanks to an early morning phone call from my boss letting me know the power was out in our building, so I’ve been dividing my time between much-needed cleaning, and posting some stuff for sale on I’ve got Christmas presents, medical bills, and a wedding shower for my sister to worry about, so if you’d like to help a girl out, consider buying some second hand books (either Hamilton or Koontz), or a collector’s edition Barbie and Ken. 😀

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