Yesterday could’ve gone better

Gracie’s back in the hospital, with a respiratory infection. Please think good thoughts for her speedy recovery.

Since I couldn’t visit Grace, I hung out with her family and the visiting Sara instead. Noah’s as cute as can be, with such a sunny disposition it’s hard not to smile when you’re around him. The “Planet Earth” dvds were less sunny, and I had to leave before witnessing more nature at work. Nature sucks.

I was unable to reach my goal of 1200 calories, but I almost hit 1000, so it wasn’t as bad as previous days. I went grocery shopping, got lots of fruits and veggies, and I’ve planned my menu for the day, and yet? Still can’t reach 1200. I have to figure what I’m (still) doing wrong, ’cause that just doesn’t seem right. Surely not all calories come from evil carbs?

Must stop thinking of baby elephants.

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