Yo to the Saturday morning

I’ve been extremely lax in the updating lately, for which I’m very sorry. Life has been kicking my ass, and I just haven’t been motivated to write about it. This is particularly sad, as I had a great weekend last week for the annual Buffy/Angel party/reunion, but as it was coupled with the very expensive disabling of my car, I’ve been avoiding thinking about even that. But soon, I promise to fill you all in on:

  • my car.
  • the party.
  • my new job which caused me to go without food or water for 24 hours and still live to tell the tale!
  • the lack of water pressure in my shower, which now resembles Chinese water torture.

Until then, I have a kickboxing class waiting for me. Ta!

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And pictures! You need to put up pictures! Speaking of which, can you update the kitty bio page for Greta’s photo and the news of Skitz? I’m guessing that you haven’t done so, but didn’t actually look to confirm that fact.

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