10 Random Thoughts for a Thursday Evening

Silverado is a silly movie, but still, way better than Unforgiven.

I bruised my neck at Krav Maga last night, so that it hurt to hold my head up all day.

I can’t remember if Western has an exit off the 10. I’m going to need this information tomorrow.

Borders sucks, ’cause they didn’t have either of the two books I was looking for tonight. I hate having to settle.

Kevin Costner was adorable when he was young.

I believe I’m addicted to LexiBox. Who’s with me??

My cats are the cutest!cats on the planet!

My to do list for tomorrow is fuller than when I’m at work. I fear I will not be able to fit in the new headlight.

I get to see John Saturday night, he’s finally playing right here in town—instead of driving for an hour and a half to see him, he’ll be just five minutes away at the Improv. Yay Improv!

It is still an hour early, but not on the east coast, so, Happy Birthday Allyson!

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Nope, sorry, no unlimited play, although I’m considering buying it so that I can keep playing. So far I’ve found that the cookies that keep count are in the computer, not with the sign in name, so even though I ran out of invites at one computer, I can use my other one for more games.

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