Send help! Preferably in the form of a bagel!

I am home this morning waiting for workmen to arrive to fix a warped window that wasn’t bothering me in the first place, but was apparently annoying the building owner. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me to stock my cabinets with food before this little house arrest I’m under, so I’m verra verra hungry. I probably should’ve known that three cups of coffee, rather than alleviate my hunger, would only make me jittery as well as hungry, but hey, live and learn, right?

In addition to hungry, I’m annoyed at workmen who think “sometime after 11” is an actual measure of time. Technically 6pm is after 11, but if I’m still waiting by then, someone’s gonna be in a world of hurt.

On any other day, I could order food. Oo, delivery, what a concept! Unfortunately, thanks to a cruel twist of fate, my debit card was eaten by an ATM on Saturday, so I must conserve my limited on-hand cash until a) my new card arrives; or b) I can get to a bank to cash a check. Sometimes technology can just bite you in the ass when you least expect it.

I hate days like this, when I should be at work, but I’m not. It’s weird, I know, but even though I have a valid reason to be home, and it’ll probably cost me a perfectly good vacation day, I still feel like I’m playing hooky. I should be enjoying this time off, watching a movie or knitting up a storm – or both. But I’m twisted up with guilt and annoyance at the too-good-to-give-an-accurate-ETA workmen.

I blame the three cups of coffee.

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