1200 or bust!

I was torn on what to talk about today. I was planning on sharing my Scrabble/Scrabulous strategy tips, because I’m starting to feel like a Scrabulous bully and I was thinking it might level the playing field if I explain how I play.

But really, what’s freshest in my mind is my current calorie dilemma. As I mentioned two days ago, my caloric intake has been rather low lately–after some research, I’ve learned it’s starvation mode low–and it’s been totally by accident. The fact is, I’m horribly LAZY. Why does this matter? ‘Cause I hate to cook, so I buy foods that require little to no cooking. And sometimes, I’m too lazy to go grocery shopping, so I just eat what few protein bars remain in the house. I don’t feel hungry, but I do feel tired, which means an even stronger aversion to grocery shopping and preparing any food that requires, well, preparation, and it becomes a big ugly circle of SLOTH.

Ok, so I’m lazy. Which means my average calorie intake over the past week (excepting Friday, when I binged on a calorie heavy brunch) was around 800 calories a day–400 less than the recommended healthy minimum. Isn’t that insane?! I mean, holy crap! I’m starving myself! I don’t think I’ve ever felt more stupid.

I consider this a breakthrough, though. Now that I’m tracking this stuff, I’m aware of the problem, which should mean I can fix it, right? The first step is always recognizing and owning the problem. To that end, my goal today is to eat at least 1200 calories–without resorting to Chinese or pizza or a double cheeseburger. Sounds hard, and I’m not sure how to do it, but that’s my goal.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll give away my Scrabulous secrets. 🙂

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