7am?! WTH?!

I was up and outta bed at 7am this morning. Why? Beats me. Trouble woke me around 6:30 and I couldn’t go back to sleep, and worse, I was wide awake, so I figured what the hell, I’d get up. Had myself a cup of tea, and NOW I feel sleepy. *sigh* Whatever.

I actually have a plan today, but it’s a plan born of necessity. The mountains of laundry and dishes are calling to me too loudly to ignore, and singing backup are the fridge and car that desperately need clearing out.

And maybe, if I can motivate myself and decide I’m willing to risk it, I may attempt to hand-felt one of the bags that’s awaiting felting. I bought a bucket (eat it, Walrus!), plunger and strainer last week specifically for the task. I fear failure, which would suck considering the work that goes into knitting one of these babies up, but the machines downstairs aren’t very good at felting–the water doesn’t get hot enough, and the wash cycle is so short it takes at least three washes to get the job done. At a dollar a wash, that’s a lot of quarters to waste.

An example of a purse waiting for felting:

An example of a purse waiting to be felted

We’ll see. Given the amount of laundry I have to do, it might just be easier to keep throwing the bags in with the rest of the laundry until everything is properly felted.

And I should probably get started, otherwise I’ll be wasting my early 7am start.

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