WGA Strike

support_wga_iconThis is very off-topic, but it’s for a cause I support.  As you must know by now, the members of the Writers Guild of America are on strike.  This means there’s no one in Hollywood or New York writing for television or movies. I’ve seen some critics blasting at the strikers, claiming they’re all rich folk crying for more money. The fact is, the “rich folk” are the show runners, and the writers the next level under. The baby writers–the ones just starting out, the ones still climbing the ladder–they’re not rich folk, and they make up the majority of the WGA. These writers go from show to show, and oftentimes spend many months unemployed between shows, so the shiny dollars they earn when they’re employed have to stretch over those leaner times when they’re not. Residuals–for instance, moneys paid for reruns, syndication and dvd sales–help them over those lean times, but their cut of these residuals is miniscule compared to what the studios are reaping, not to mention the complete lack of percentages from sales from downloads and advertising for streaming.

To find out more about the strike, check out United Hollywood.

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