To see, or not to see

I’m trying to decide what to do about my eyes. I need new contact lenses and new lenses for my year-old glasses–my prescription is way out of date, and focusing on a computer screen is becoming harder. I also have $800 to kill from my pre-tax medical spending account, so money is not the issue. The thing is, I haven’t really been happy with my optometrist. He’s nice, and I’ve been going to him for seven years, and he’s within walking distance, and I even know his assistant’s name, but my prescription rarely seems, well, right. My optometrist back home always got it right, but this guy? Hardly ever. My latest pair of glasses took me six months to get used to, and I wonder if my eyes were affected by trying to get used to the wrong prescription.

So yes, I’m thinking I need a new doctor. But, I’ve known this guy for seven years. And it’s hard to go out there and find a new doctor–there’s not even a guarantee that new guy/gal would be better. I’m almost inclined to hit a LensCrafter or Pearl Vision or some other big chain of impersonal care.

I don’t know. I’m undecided, but I have a time limit–five and a half weeks, to be exact–and I need to make a decision and act on it before then. Phooey. I hate making decisions. And breaking up with doctors. Well, and breaking up with anyone. But that’s a whole ‘nother post.

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