A day full of stupid

I decided I didn’t like that last change and took it out. ‘Course, I was stupid and didn’t do it the smart way, i.e. I didn’t copy the files before I went making changes to them, so there are some other changes that ended up in there by accident when I found I couldn’t remember how to undo what I’d done before. And if you followed that, you’re a smarter person than I.

Sadly, I’m having a ‘dumb programmer’ day all around. I’ve been working on a Drupal site for a friend/client. I generally don’t do freelance because I’m afraid of being unable to deliver what they want, and surprise surprise, here I am today totally stuck on how to create and format the drop down menu the client wants. I can do it in CSS and I can do it in Javascript (or rather, I know where to find programs that can do that), but I have no idea how to merge them with Drupal so that the menu items are controlled by the CMS, without hardcoding them in. It’s making my head hurt, and honestly, when I get frustrated I can’t focus. Brilliant programmer, that’s me!

My brain is mush for today, which sucks ’cause I only have one more day to make real progress that I can show to the client, and if I mush out again tomorrow, I’m toast. Biting off more than one can chew might be a good way to learn things, but it’s got that nasty ‘nervous breakdown’ side effect. Boo! Hiss!

Weird ceiling reflection

And since all posts are boring without a pretty picture, check out this reflective shadow that was cast from my glass dining table to the ceiling earlier today. That’ll wake a person up for sure!

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