A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned it here yet, so just in case – the sis and Todd are officially engaged! The wedding will be next May, and I, of course, will be serving the lovely couple in the capacity of Maid of Honor. I’ve posted pictures of her ring here.

In other news, I’m embarking on the Scanning Project from Hell, starting today. It involves almost every photo album I own, which is a LOT, and part of what makes it hell is that I’m not just scanning the pictures I need, but also the photos in their general vicinity that capture my fancy–since I’m going to the trouble anyway. This way I won’t have to go through the albums again come the day I decide I want all my photos digitized (actually, I’ve already decided it, I’ve just been too lazy to actually do it before now). By doing a little each day, on my lunch break and perhaps after work, I’m hoping it won’t be quite so formidable a task.

Today’s album included some pictures from high school. The sis and I are only in a few of these, so they probably won’t interest most of you, but I feel the need to document my progress, and besides, it’s neat to look back at the people that populated my life twenty (ugh) years ago.

Also, in the “sometimes I really do have a life” category, I went to see Tegan and Sara Monday night with K&L for K’s birthday. We had a fabulous time, mediocre opening band notwithstanding, although it’s amazing how young the rest of their fans are. That place had to be filled with fake id’s, ’cause 21 y.o.’s aren’t supposed to look that young. But the music was great, and we got great seats in the balcony, and I had the most unobstructed view I’ve ever had for anything. Plus I had the coolest hair there. *g*

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