I did more scanning yesterday, and more editing today, so I thought I’d share a gem or two.

+One Easter, my grandmother was in the hospital, so of course we went to visit her, as did my Uncle Paul’s family. I was fortunate enough to capture this marvelous picture of my then-very young cousin Mark trying to take my sister’s brand new stuff bear, Solo.

+My nephew James was the most adorable little nephew ever, and so much fun to play with!

+One marvelous summer day we headed to Hampton beach for a day of goofing off. We took a ton of photos on the beach, but unfortunately I haven’t yet scanned the picture of us pretending to do the “crow” from The Karate Kid.

+In case you couldn’t tell, I was (and still am) a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes.

+The mad skier strikes again!

+You wouldn’t know it now, but my hair used to be insanely curly.

+I think this one speaks for itself.

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