Best/Aiko Hybrid Amigurumi Bunny

Amigurumi BunnyThe bunny is nearly finished. I gave up on the body from (tell me that doesn’t look like a vase!) and instead used the body from LionBrand’s Best Bunny (pattern #60480A), which worked much better. I was going to use the legs from the Best Bunny, but they were too stout, so those became the arms, and I went back to the Aiko pattern for the legs. So to sum, head, ears and legs are from Aiko, and the body and arms are from Best Bunny.

As this is my first toy, this is also my first time assembling a toy, and gah, did it suck! As you can see, the arms are not even–one is higher than the other.  Blech.  And in my attempt to not make the same mistake with the legs, I made them too close together.  Blech again.  On the bright side, the ears are perfect, IMHO.  On the not bright side, my decreases are too wide and hole-y, so you can see the stuffing around his midsection, which won’t work if I decide to make another in a brighter color.

He’s not finished yet, because, obviously, he’s lacking a face.  I’m askeared of the face, as it requires embroidery, which is so not my strong suit.  Right now, he’s a freak without a face (bonus points if you recognized that reference).  I do have the embroidery thread, so he may have a face soon, if I can figure out how to do it.  I wonder if wikipedia has anything on how to embroider a bunny face?

Ok, so now that I’ve finished the critiquing of my own work, can I just say, “Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! Isn’t he the cutest thing ever?!!”  Hee!

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