Blindingly bright granny-square blanket

Blindingly bright granny-square blanket

How do I love this lap blanket, let me count the ways! I adore bright colors, and this could very well be the brightest project I’ve ever worked on. I used the electric Caron’s Simply Soft that I picked up for about $1.50/ball at Walmart last fall–it’s so thick, and I’m using such a large hook (M, I think?) that I did all you see in just a day and a half. I’ve since added another round of purple, and I’ll keep going until I run out of yarn (shouldn’t be long now, I’m already out of the orange). Yay bright colors!

ION, someone found my site yesterday with the search terms “polgara nude.” WTF? I hope they were searching for a different Polgara; I know I’m not the only one out here in cyberland.

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Thank you! It’s not the kind of yarn I would normally buy–yarn snob that I am!–but the colors screamed at me with their shiny brightness and cheer. And for me, knitting (and crochet) is so much about the colors (and textures), so how could I resist?

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